Water Treatment

Meccon's experience constructing wastewater treatment and water purification facilities is extensive. The following is a list of facilities and systems successfully constructed:

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • New primary clarifier.
  • New aeration basin.
  • Retrofit existing aeration basin with new aeration equipment.
  • New bar screen and grit removal equipment.
  • New aeration systems including, blowers, controls, stainless steel piping and aeration bubbling equipment.
  • Chemical feed system.
  • New polymer mixing tanks and chemical feed system.
  • Replacement of raw water pumps and piping system modifications.
  • Installation of a new digester.
  • Modifications to and existing digesters.
  • 1.5 MW co-generation facility (fueled by digester gas).
  • Grit removal system.
  • Aeration system upgrades.
  • Raw water pump station modifications.
  • Digester modifications.
  • Primary clarifier modifications.
  • Belt press installation and modifications.

Primary Water Pumping Facilities:

  • Primary electric equipment building.
  • Installation of new electrical switchgear and variable frequency drive equipment.
  • Removal, reconditioning and replacement primary water pumps (1250 to 2500 hp)
  • Installation of 2MW emergency diesel generators.
  • Demolition of existing steam boilers and associated systems.

Plant Energy Improvements and Co-Generation Systems:

  • 12kva electrical power system plant upgrades.
  • Installation of a new 6MW steam backpressure turbine/generator.
  • Installation of new 2 MW emergency diesel generators.
  • Installation of new energy management / metering systems.