Philadelphia International Airport

New Fuel Facilities

Meccon is the prime contractor for the Infrastructure & Facility upgrades project: The Construction of Four (4) 63,000BBL & associated Piping, Fourteen (14) New truck loading/offloading stations, New 8 1000gpm Hydrant System Pump pad, New Colonial pipeline & Pig Catcher/Launcher, Over 8,000 LF of new Fuel line installation. New controls building, new PLC system, New PDC Building, new 250,000gal Fire water tank, new fire foam/water system. New roadways throughout the tank farm. We are self-preforming the Fire Foam, Fire Water and Fueling Piping.

  • Project Completion: July 2021
  • Project Contract Value: $79,600,000

Philadelphia International Airport

Extend Runway 27L (27C) & Associated Taxiways Package: Site Preparation, Utilities and Jet Fuel Line Relocation


Installation of 10,000' of 20" dual Jet-A Transmission Mains. Installation methods included open cut, 4 – Horizontal Directional Drill operations and 2 – Micro tunneling operations. Existing transmission mains are to be abandoned in place using flowable fill.

  • Project Completion: June 2017

Philadelphia International Airport

Hydrant System Mothballing

Meccon was contracted to mothball the existing hydrant system at terminal D for United Airlines. We had to prep the system with blind flanges and ball valves to facilitate the removal of all the fuel and nitrogen filling of the system after the modifications were made. We had a small off hours window to shut down the fuel and blind off the terminal D system from the rest of the truck load rack. This project was a great success with no airline delays. After the system was drained down Meccon then filled the system with a nitrogen purge and repair some existing pavement issues near some of the hydrant pits.

  • Project Completion: May 2016

Philadelphia International Airport

Taxiways K3 & N Jet-A Fuel Transmission Piping

Fabricate four (4) 20" dia. x .375 & .5 thick wall x 330'-0" long pipe spools, CCTV the spool interiors, pneumatically test pipe spools to 210 PSI, holiday test & tape coat the exterior of the pipe spools, put a 10 lb. nitrogen purge on each spool, transport the spools at night 1-¼ miles across taxiways and runways & using three (3) cranes set pipe spools in their respective Taxiway K3 & N crossing trenches, install low point drain pits and install cathodic protection anodes & test stations. QA project requirement included weld procedure qualification & acceptance, welder certification, weld mapping & documentation, 100% radiography on all welds, pneumatic testing, die penetrate testing, CCTV pipe spool interior inspections, pipe coating verification / holiday testing and issuing of QA final documentation Turnover Package.

  • Project Completion: July 2010