Long Island MacArthur Airport – Islip, NY

Bulk Jet-A Fuel Facility Upgrade

Project scope of work includes demolishing the existing Jet-A Fuel Facility and constructing a new Jet-A Fuel storage and pumping facility including tanks, fuel piping, electrical power, EFSO, controls and instrumentation. The fuel farm consists of six (6) 50,000 gallon above ground storage tanks, two (2) loading and two (2) off-loading positions, site work, asphalt pavement roadways & driveways, containment walls, fire protection, fencing, oil water separator facility, Laboratory/Office Building, OWS Building and site utilities. This project was constructed airside and required keeping the existing Jet-A Fuel Facility in full service during the construction of the six (6) AST's, new fuel loading/unloading facility, electrical & controls, fencing and asphalt paving.

Project Leadership:

Meccon performed the contract as the General and Mechanical Contractor contracted directly with Southwest Airlines. Project responsibilities includes:

  • Direct hire of work force for all fuel system piping work.
  • Fuel system testing, flushing and commissioning.
  • Project scheduling, project management & supervision, safety & QA/QC.

Contract Basis and Completion Performance:

Meccon is performing this project on a Competitive Bid Lump Sum Contract.

  • Project Start: October 2009
  • Project Completion: July 2010