BP Whiting Refinery


A brief summary of Meccon's BP Whiting Refinery WRMP OSBL Scope of Work is as follows. We had over 577,000 onsite man-hours without a single OSHA Recordable and a total project work in place value over $54,000,000. Most of this work was performed on a two-shift/10 hours per day/six days per week basis. Our peak onsite manpower was 259. Completed projects include Sulfur Storage, Condensate Recovery System, GOHT Flare, South Flare and Area 4042 L & N Racks. Total installed pipe footage exceeding 134,000 lf.

Meccon's prior BP Whiting Refinery Pipeline work in the Tank Farms included piping system new & upgraded cathodic protection services, installed new pipe supports and replaced existing pipe supports. Meccon has Operator Qualified pipefitters and welders, and an Operator Qualified program to work on piping systems governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

  • Project Completion: 2013
  • Provide Site Safety Professionals and Safety Services (ie: safety audits, safety orientations, equipment training, task specific safety training, safety coordination meetings, HITRA's, development/implementation/monitoring of confined space entry plans/procedures, etc.)
  • Meccon's BP WRMP OSBL Project Safety Statistics:

    OSHA Recordable Rate:0
    Lost Time Rate:0
  • Meccon's Performing Authority's prepare, submit, secure and manage the BP work permitting process and work on a daily basis.
  • Large bore pipe spool erection (72" dia. x ¾" wall down to 3' dia. Sch. 40) exceeding 43,000 lf.)
  • Small bore pipe spool erection (<3" dia. down to ½" Sch. 80) exceeding 34,000 l/f.)
  • HDPE piping 3" – 8".
  • Offsite (Meccon's Lansing, IL pipe fabrication facility) large bore pipe spool modifications.
  • Equipment (ie: 58 pieces including pumps, heat exchangers, CEMs Bldgs., Air Coolers, etc.), small modules and vessel setting. The largest vessel on the OSBL Pillar was set by Meccon (Knock-Out Drum D-101, 385,000 lbs.).
  • Instrumentation: Instrument erection, instrument air, etc., including 770 Instruments and 17,000 lf pipe/tubing.
  • Steam tracing supply, steam tracing and condensate return tubing exceeding 38,000 lf.
  • Pipe systems hydraulic and pneumatic pressure testing.
  • Piping system flushing.
  • Piping system tie-ins including fresh air tie-ins.
  • Quality Control for Meccon's and other mechanical contractor's piping work.
  • Managed the two (2) OSBL Weld Rod Rooms that included the receiving, storing & distribution of the weld rod and all required documentation. Also included was managing of the OSBL calibrated tools (ie: torque wrenches, test gauges, pumps and related documentation.
  • Procurement and expediting of non-owner furnished materials.
  • Document Control for our work.
  • Prepared, submitted and managed the Requests For Information process.
  • Plumbing Work: U/G potable water, U/G storm water, U/G fire main, U/G sanitary sewer, Potable Water, Storm Water Vent Piping, A/G Sanitary Waste and Vent, Plumbing Fixtures, Safety Showers, Eye Washes, Sanitary Lift Stations, Plumbing Systems Service Truck Work, WRMP Modular Trailer Plumbing Systems. Some of the Plumbing work was also performed on the GOHT, 12 Pipe Still and Coker Pillars