Nashville International Airport

BNA Fuel Company Tank Farm Upgrades

Construction of new issue and transfer fuel pumps, new above ground tank header pipe modifications, a new offload station, replacement of equipment at 2 existing offload stations, new pig receiver, dike liner replacement for 6 AST dike areas, new site lighting, removal and replacement of MCC equipment, removal and replacement of instrumentation and distributed control system, removal and replacement of electrical distribution throughout tank farm, construction of a 2nd foam pipe header and completion of tank foam pipe system, a new waste fuel tank, replacement of 2 hydrant system double block and bleed valves, pavement demolition and replacement, walkway structure modifications, a new concrete spill containment basin, new 10,000 gallon waste water tank, fencing, demolition and removal of 4 underground storage tanks and 1 oil/water separator, associated excavation, grading, site restoration. Meccon is the general contractor on this project with 20+ Subcontractors to complete this project.

  • Project Start: October 2016
  • Project Completion: December 2017