Refinery and Chemical

Meccon provides total construction services for ongoing modifications and expansion of existing facilities.

Our project experience includes both light and heavy chemical production facilities, and we have successfully completed work associated with the following:

Light Chemical Facilities

  • 2,500 gal. to 5,000 gal. reactors
  • 12,000 gal. cooling tanks
  • 8,000 gal. product blend tanks
  • Catalyst tanks
  • Cooling towers
  • Exhaust gas after burners
  • Pumps
  • Heat exchangers
  • Plant process and utility piping installations for existing systems upgrade and new system expansions.
  • Installation and segregation of plant waste water systems including water collection systems and treatment facilities.

Heavy Chemical Facilities

  • Replacement of IPA Stripper Still Pot, associated carbon steel and stainless steel piping and structural support modifications.
  • Boiler, air pre heater and re boiler replacement and associated work.
  • Upgraded and expanded plant utility piping systems including steam, compressed air, vacuum, inert gases (i.e., oxygen, nitrogen) and product piping systems including butane, metoxylene, pseudocomene and styrene.
  • Installation of plant storm water/waste water separation systems including anaerobic reactor system upgrade.
  • Installation of truck and rail car chemical unloading facilities.
  • Upgraded plant pipe supports, pressure safety relief valves, personnel safety shower and eyewash facilities and plant fire protection systems.
  • Installation of fiberglass reinforced piping systems from 6" thru 36".