O'Hare International Airport

New Transmission Mains

This new airside New Transmission Mains project consists of over 28,000 L.F. of 24" carbon steel interior & exterior coated pipe. This project is required to facilitate the construction of Runway 9C/27C and its associated taxiway system. This also includes two (2) 1,400 L.F - 24" pipe lines installed under a taxiway and a runway (horizontal directional bore method), two (2) above ground 24" piping system isolation manifolds, one (1) large isolation valve vault, piping system testing & flushing, cathodic protection and 2,200 L.F. electrical/controls underground duct banks. The new transmission piping and related appurtenances originate from the O'Hare Jet-A Fuel Tank Farm and traverses to the Terminal Core Area. Upon completion of the new work we will remove or abandon (nitrogen fill or slurry) over 18,000 LF of the existing underground Jet-A fuel piping. The project scope will ensure the relocated transmission mains are compatible with the overall Jet-A fuel system master plan.

  • Estimated Project Completion: September 2018

O'Hare International Airport

Northeast Cargo Fuel Farm Expansion Design/Build

Expansion of the existing Northeast Fuel Farm which will result in a gross storage capacity of approximately 40,000 barrels (1,680,000 gallons) for the new Northeast International Air Cargo Facility Hydrant Fueling System. The fuel farm will include the construction of a new 23,000 barrel shell capacity Jet A fuel storage tank, four (4) 1,000 gpm hydrant fuel pumping system and a four (4) position truck offloading facility. Included are automated pump controls, tank fill and fuel transfer systems.

  • Project Completion: October 2016

O'Hare International Airport

Cargo Fuel Relocation System

Decommissioning of the existing Cargo Fuel Satellite / Glycol Storage and Dispensing. Draining of underground fuel lines between the cargo storage and dispensing facility and existing Valve Pit No. 1. Transport of drained fuel to new facility and introduction into that system's inventory. Draining of underground fuel supply line between the proposed tie-in point and the cargo storage and dispensing facility. Removal and salvage of certain existing equipment for installation at new facility. Construction of a complete Cargo Storage and Dispensing Facility including (4) 50,000 gallon jet fuel underground storage tanks (UST's), (1) 25,000 gallon aboveground glycol storage tank, associated pumping equipment, above grade piping, platforms, supports, fencing, pavements, truck loading / unloading stations, motor control center (MCC), underground utilities, oil water separator, waste oil UST and associated cathodic protection. Extension of the fuel hydrant supply lines from the new Cargo Storage and Dispensing Facility location to existing Valve Pit 1 complete with underground piping, protective casings, high point vents, low point drains and cathodic protection. Extension of the facility

  • Project Start: May 2009
  • Project Completion: November 2010

O'Hare International Airport

FedEx Cargo Fuel System Tie-In

Meccon installed approximately 6,000 LF of 12" Fuel Lines. Casings were bored and jacked beneath roadways in-use by the Owner. Several tie-ins to existing piping supplied by others. Meccon installed two (2) surge suppressor pits, two (2) isolation valve vaults and several Low and High Point Pits. Testing and flushing was a unique operation that involved coordination between Contractor, Owner and Engineer.

  • Project Start: May 2011
  • Project Completion: October 2011

O'Hare International Airport

North East Cargo – Hydrant Fuel System

Installation of a new Hydrant Fuel System to serve 11 wide body international gates. Installation of 3,500' of carbon steel FBE Coate pipe. 11 Hydrant pits, 3 prefabricated isolation valve vaults, high point vent & low point drain pits. 100% NDE Per B31.3 This project was in two phases and pressure tested per phasse with a final pressure test after the two phases were completed.

Meccon completed this in coordination with the tank farm Upgrades and were able to successfully Hydrostatic test and flush on time without delays.

  • Project Completion: December 2016